Jay Golden

Owner and Hairdresser

I was 14 the first time I felt acutely aware my hairdresser didn’t translate my vision into a haircut that fully worked out for me. By week two or three I was taking a straight razor sans mirror to the back and trying to cut by instinct the sections that didn’t feel right. Luckily my best friend’s mom was a hairdresser and she not only blended away my mistakes but also taught me the correct way to solve the problems I was having. I thought about beauty school as an option but ultimately was swayed by the allure of Smith College where I continued cutting my own hair and offering my services for haircuts and color. Life took me back to Los Angeles after graduation and after a few twists and turns I quit all of my jobs and started the cosmetology program at Paul Mitchell the School.


Both Smith College and Paul Mitchell instilled in me the value of lifelong learning that has become a core philosophy to my work. I dedicate a minimum of one week a year to hands on cutting and coloring education in Los Angeles or London on top of the weekly online education that allows me to tap into trends and looks from around the world.


In 2011, I came to Israel to take a six month break from Los Angeles to live on a kibbutz (I worked in the hair salon!) and as so many stories in this city go I’m still here.  As an Anglo living in Israel I totally understand struggling to be understood. With all the shouting here it’s amazing how little we feel heard! That’s why I take ample time to hear the history and future goals of your hair. This includes processing previous hair traumas and committing to finding a style that is comfortable for where you’re at now.


Building Dreamboat has helped me fashion the freedom to adjust my working life so I can spend time with the people I love. This includes both my short walking commute and taking extended time off to be with my loves who are unfortunately scattered all about. I always wanted to travel with my work and I’m so lucky my life landed me in Tel Aviv where I have the privilege of working all day with interesting people from all over the world. Social justice work and community involvement are values in our home and one way I contribute to helping Tel Aviv thrive is through volunteering teaching hairdressing skills to asylum seeking women in Tel Aviv.


Hair in Tel Aviv is relaxed and I know most of my clients are not spending hours styling their hair. So while some services take longer the results are haircuts and color that evolve gracefully until your next appointment. The best way to achieve this is by creating styles that showcase the best of what you already have. There are enough struggles in life and your hair doesn’t have to be one of them when you can have a style and color that work with your life.

We’d love to meet you and we work by appointment only. With our online booking system you can book a free consultation or schedule an appointment so you can feel yourself again.